Tulper is a new duth brand that helps to prevent all the plastics in the ocean by promoting reusing instead of single-using. The founder of tulper was inspired by The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

Tulper is looking for a new original product to help prevent ocean plastic. 


After ideation and brainstorming ideas where selected and sorted into three distinct groups, of which one idea is chosen to develop further.


A modular bottle, by combining smaller compartments with different properties, you can bring everything you need in one bottle, herebye preventing the need to buy any beverages in disposable packaging.

Finding different functions for each part of the bottle, looking at the bottom, container and lid. By combining different parts the bottle can be configured for any use or preference.

Creating a cad model of the concept in Solidworks. This model is also used te create renderings using Keyshot.

The modular bottle can be configured for any need, you can bring everything you need in one bottle. Every part has the same thread, herebye creating the possibility of attaching them in any configuration.

The different containers can be filled with different consumables without mixing. The ability to seperate all the components also makes the parts easy to clean.

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