After finishing university I came across two neglected motorcycles for sale, I then decided to take some time to save these bikes from the scrapyard. This is the first of these two bikes.

For this motorcycle I was inspired by the flat tracker style racing motorcycles. These bikes have a destinct style I tried to mimic and adapt for a street bike. 

donor bike

This bike was missing parts and had significant damage. First the bike needed to be rebuilt mechanically, after this I started the design of the motorcycle.


The main inspiration for this bike was a Indian flat tracker protype, based on classic flat-track racing bikes from the 1930’s. 


Completely stripping rebuilding and painting all parts of the bike. The wiring harness of the bike needed to be rebuilt from scratch, moving electrical components and replacing damaged connections. Because the engine was in such a rough state I decided to paint it. After completely rebuilding it and fixing/replacing the needed parts they where cleaned and prepaired to be painted.


The painted engine gives the bike a completely new look, this all black base gives the bike a very cool asthetic. The finished motorcycle inspired by old and new, with retro colours and a some modern hints.

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