The Fender select series inspired me to build my own custom guitar. Using the destinct pattern in the wood for a visually stunning body.

The body is a handcarved piece of Tulipwood, stained using oil to make the colours pop. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard.

I built the guitar the summer before university, after my first year I used this project to practice my modeling and rendering abilities.


All electronics are done from scratch, based on schematics from a 1967 Seymour Duncan Telecaster wiring diagram.

Finished Guitar

The wood is stained using Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish, a linseed base oil. 


To practice my rendering abilities I built the guitar in Autodesk Inventor and rendered it using Keyshot.

Matching the wood was the most difficult part of the rendering, the destinct pattern and colours proved a challenge



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