Having enjoyed my first build, I decided to try another. This time building a stratocaster inspired by the guitar owned by blues player Robert Cray.

The body is a handcarved piece of ash, a water based woodstain is used to colour the body. The neck is ash with a rosewood fretboard. All the hardware is gold plated and the tuners have pearl heads.

As with my telecaster I used this project to practice my modeling and rendering abilities.



The shape of the stratocaster proved  more challenging than the telecaster, with complex curves and difficult bridge attachment.


Finished Guitar

The wood is stained with a blue water based, wood stain. After aplying the stain and sanding, the body is treated with linseed oil. The oil not only protects the wood, it also makes the colour really pop.


Rendering all the different materials on the guitar was good practice for my rendering abilities. To create a more realistic feel, all materials are customised in keyshot to be as realistic as possible.

The gold was particularly difficult to create, the diffusion and roughness proved difficult to get right.

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