Nomad are the creators of premium travel equipment (sleeping bags, mats, tents, bags and outdoor clothing).

Their request was to create a concept for a travel chair for kids aged 0-5 years old, designed for new families ready to take their children on new adventures.


Quick sketches exploring different solutions with a focus on; size when folded, stability / safety and, the difficulty of folding.


Inspired by the mechanism used with parasols, the design has a focus on the folding, and stability when in use. This design is capable of folding into a compact form, and has a very stable stance when unfolded.

Developing the idea, finding mechanical solutions and developing the concept using 3D cad models and simple prototyping.


Using PVC rods, PVC plate material, adhesive and tent canvas, a full size model is made to test the functions and user experience of the chair.

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