Creating the play experiences of tomorrow, working in a team of designers, developers, engineers and artists. 

I worked on finding new ideas with research, ideation and teamwork, realising concepts using rapid prototyping methods. Working with quick cut and glue technicques combined with state of the art 3D printing and lasercutting technologies to test and reiterate the concepts. Focussing on the function of the idea and optimising for the Lego brand vision. During the internship I designed concepts of mulitple new exciting elements currently in the LEGO product range. I created the play-method of an exhiting new theme, currently in development.

Lego design philosophy

True to its motto ‘Only the best is good enough’, the LEGO Group has been emphasising the importance of high quality products. This whilst always finding methods to simplify, shrink in size and reduce cost.

Work environment

The facilities at Lego support a wide range of rapid prototyping methods, with multiple workshops, machines and excellent support staff. During the internship I was fortunate to gain experience in various prototyping techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting.

I became proficient in Siemens NX9 and had seminars teaching the basics of  Rhinoseraus 3D


All work done for Lego is strictly confidential and can not be shown.

The internship consisted of multiple complex briefs, lasting between 1 to 6 weeks.   During each brief, results and findings where presented to the various design teams. Using the feedback and consumer tests to adapt and refine the concepts.


This challenging internship was an amazing experience, working alongside other great designers and being challenged to create new and exciting ideas and concepts.


Creating a new play experience by designing unique play elements that fits in the Lego system. 

Design work covered the full process from research, concept generation, 3D modeling and renderings to final design solution delivery. 

Adapting and optimizing the design to create an intuitive product with strong consideration for production and durability. Developing using quick simple prototyping and 3D modelling with 3D printing. Using different materials and mechanical solutions to simplify mechanical function and improve durability.


As a project writer I worked alongside other designers on my own project, using the team to support the design process. Poject time management and organization was key, handling multiple smaller projects for teams where required.


Doing less’ is one of the key design principles when designing a new product at Lego. The models constructed at Lego need to use as few bricks as possible, keeping the pieces simple and efficient in function.

Most time was spent on itterating and adapting the design to reach the standards set by Lego. Deconstructing the function and engineering simplified solutions, designing to be low cost and optimized for manufacture.


Working on a big project covering the full process, seeing the product evolve and adapt to be as optimal as possible was an extremely rewarding process. 

For a reference please contact me and I will pass you on to the design lead.

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