Custom motorcycle build.

Building my dream motorcycle from an old Suzuki GS550. During the summer I designed and built a custom motorcycle learning about the mechanics of combustion engines and practicing my fabrication skills.


Donor bike:

A beat up 1978 Suzuki GS550 found in the back of a garage.


For the bike I had a cafe racer like style in mind, removing all fairings and fenders to create a more streamlined design. First sketching out ideas to then forming a more detailed sketch using an old catalog image.


Fixing all mechanical and electric components before completely stripping and cleaning each part. A large number of parts had seen some damage and a lot of minor repairs from previous owners. To ensure good quality all previous repairs needed to be removed and fixed properly.

Most of the work was altering existing parts of the bike, most fabrication was done on the seat and rear fender. By cutting and reworking a bought seat and adding metal, a new rear end was created by hand.


My custom Suzuki GS550, the final motorcyle in all its glory. I rode her through Germany and Denmark with pleasure before selling it to finance a new project. The paint on the fuel tank started to crack after about a year. Instead of repainting the tank I embraced this look and rebuffed it to show of this cool effect.

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