Gazelle makes quality bikes for every type of
use, collaborating with leading partners Shimano and
Bosch for their electric assisted bicycles.

The third party components are integrated perfectly into
the bikes, except for the computer. Gazelle wants a
universal design for the bicycle computer to fit better
with the design of their bicycles.


The displays used for the e-bikes are currently made by a third party, most Gazelle bicycles use the Impulse computer as shown.

Gazelle wants this display to be redesigned for a better fit with the company style.

Gazelle has a fixed position on the steering column where the computer is attached to the bicycle.

The attachment position is adjacent to the steering adjustment, the steering needs to be adjustable with the display attached.

Analyzing the design of Gazelle, their electric bicycles, and their third party components.


Exploring shapes and configurations.

Using high density foam to explore the shape and size in three dimensions.


The design is created to fit seamlessly with both the elegant city bicycles and the rugged off roaders Gazelle has to offer, and will offer in the future.

The wide range of motion allows the user to adjust the position and angle of the display. This provides a wide range of adjustment to prevent glare and allows the steering to be adjusted with the display still attached.

With three buttons on the right side of the display the settings can be changed. These buttons match the external controls. Designed to be easy to use with one hand while riding the bike.

Quick sketches exploring different configurations. The final design uses the silicone sides to create a waterproof seal.

A scan is made of a foam model and converted into a surface model using solidworks.

Final design

The final design and assembly of the display visualized in Keyshot.

The display can be assembled using a single screwdriver.

 Final design visualized in Keyshot.

The control buttons on the right side of the display are embossed for a tactile feedback.

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