De Vorm create interior products by today’s standards. This means producing efficiently, using the full lifecycle of products and eventually give them a new life.

My task as a second-year design student was to create new concepts and provide support for the main design team. 

I did research for production methods to create 3D products using alternative techniques, preventing the need for expensive molds. Based on my research I designed new concepts showing the potential of these techniques, utilizing their versatility to create flexible designs. From these ideas devorm launched a range of new interior products for professional spaces.

I was an intern at Devorm from for 6 months during my second year, it was a great learning experience thanks to the amazing team at Devorm.

pet felt

Devorm is always looking at where environmental thinking and economic improvement intersect – resulting in minimal waste in every aspect. The way they utilise PET Technology, emphasizes this vision. 

The usable PET felt material is produced in large panels, by using a pressing technique 3D shapes are created. For the shape of the product an expensive mould needs to be produced.

My main task was to create 3D concepts using alternative techniques preventing the need for expensive moulds and production methods.


Experimenting with different cutting methods, using flexible tools capable of cutting any shape. Using these methods to create any shape, combining multiple parts to create 3D shapes.

Radial lamp

This light is created based on the trapping of sound, using the absorbing properties of the felt. Inspired by 3D puzzles, this lamp was the main focus of my internship. 

The lamp holds an ABS fluorescent TL LED using the felt to create an interesting geometric shape. 


Radial lamps can be placed in different angles. The angle can be adjusted during instalment. The diagonal placement of a group of lamps make them a clear eye-catcher. 


Early 2015 devorm released Lookbook. A visual exploration that combines and blends differing products from their collection within an imaginative public and working environment.

Here devorm highlights their PET felt furniture. 


UL International

The move into a new office building was the best opportunity for safety firm UL International to create a transparent and contemporary interior. The high ceilings are ideal for the dynamic positioning of the lights.

de Internet Jongens

Multiple Radial Lamps are installed above the meeting table. Chosen for purely aesthetic reasons, but they also instantly helped to improve the acoustics of the space.

Orgatec 2014

For the 2014 Orgatec design fair I worked on designing the exhibition stand for devorm, aiding in the design for the felt panelled ex- and interior.

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