After finishing university, I came across two neglected motorcycles for sale. I decided to take some time to save these bikes from the scrapyard, and create something unique. This is the second of these two bikes.

A bike inspired by classic cafe racers designed with modern elements and style.

donor Bike

A 1983 Suzuki GS650 with just over 55.000km on it, clearly used and negelected by the previous owners. The bike was in rough shape but ran well, lots of rust and in need of some love. 


Creating a modern design with a 35 year old base, using simple lines and new elements to design a unique bike.

finished bike

After stripping the paint from the fuel tank I decided not to repaint it, using the bare metal as a striking visual, matching  the other elements such as the headlight and side plates. One centre light in the rear looked quite classic, adding the lights on the sides with integrated blinkers really added to the look.

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